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Important Dates To be Remembered

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Important Dates To be Remembered
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1.      Fr. Pierre Marie Mermier (1790-1862) a priest of the Diocese of Annecy in France founded the Congregation of the MSFS in 1838 to bring about the renewal of Christian life by preaching parish missions, to evangelise people and to educate the youth. Mgr. Joseph Rey the then bishop of Annecy gave the canonical approval on 24th October 1838. The approval of the Holy See was granted on 22nd June 1843 and the final approval on 19th  March 1860.

2.      The first batch of MSFS landed in Pondicherry on 8th September 1845 and the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples entrusted the Vicariate of Visakhapatnam to the MSFS on 2nd May 1848.

3.      The Confreres in France & Switzerland were directly under the Superior General till 1959. It became a Region in 1960 and a Province in 1965.

4.      The first batch of MSFS reached Visakhapatnam on 19th Feb. 1846. There was only one Region till Nagpur was bifurcated and made into a new Region in 1888. Both the Regions became Provinces in 1965.

5.      The MSFS went to England in 1861. They became a Region in 1940 and in 1965 a Province.

6.      The Mission in Brazil was started in 1926. Later it became a Region and in 1965 a Province.

7.      MSFS went to North East India in 1975. In 1984 it became a Vice-Province and in 1990 a Province.

8.      MSFS began to work in East Africa in 1988 and in 1996 a Province was erected there.

9.      American Mission became autonomous in 1990.

10.  Erection of South West Province in India – 1991

11.  Pune Province was carved out of the erstwhile M.G Province in 1996.

12.  Opening of Missions in Philippines – 1993

13.  Chilian Mission was started in 1994.

14.  MSFS went to Namibia in 1998, South Africa and Chad in 1999 and Mozambique and Romania in 2000

15. Opening of Missions in Caribbean Islands – 1998

16.  Generalate was shifted from Annecy to Rome in 2002

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