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Rock Fort Temple
Trichy - Tamilnadu

Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales

(Tamilnadu-Pondicherry Region)


S.F.S. Home,  Maruppani Road, Kalif Nagar,

Pudukkottai – 622 001, Tamil Nadu

Phone: (04322) 267165


                              AL/8                  September      2005




Dear Confreres,


Greetings in the name of the Lord. I am sure that we had a very spiritual and vibrant retreat preached by Rev. Fr. Jose Maniparambil on the theme “When the Divine light falls on the prism (the individual), it gives the spectrum of colours”. The call to priesthood is something unique, extraordinary and holy. Being aware of our status as priests, striving towards the goal of our life, united as one family we can do wonders. A priest is called to holiness, perfection and expected to live the kingdom values. Being rooted in the word of God, one must be docile to receive the divine spark and reflect it in the forms of fraternal love, prayer, meekness, missionary zeal, vows of Chastity, Poverty and Obedience. With the renewed spirit and heart, let us commit ourselves to carry out the work more ardently, by way of preaching the word of God and working for the growth of the congregation and the region through our own little way. Let us continue to reflect over the challenging questions posed before all of us.


Canonical visit of the Superior General:


Rev. Fr. Agnelo Fernandes, our Superior General will be visiting the region from 21st Nov to 28th Nov 2005. On behalf of the members of the region I extend him a hearty welcome and a pleasant time with us.

The details of the visit and the modalities of meeting confreres and the communities mentioned below  and communities around will be discussed and finalised during the meeting of Apostolic Community convenors, which will take place on 22nd Oct 2005 at S. F. S. Home, Pudukkottai.


Tentative Programme of the visit of Rev. Fr. Agnelo Fernandes


21.11.05: Fr. General arrives at Vaniyambadi

22.11.05: Meeting confreres at Vaniyambadi

23.11.05: Morning leaves for Kolli Hills

23.11.05: after lunch leaves for Pudukkottai, Night stay at S.F.S. Minor Seminary

24.11.05: M.S.F.S Regionalate, pudukkottai

25.11.05: Meeting confreres at Nallatinputhur

25.11.05: Night leaves for Adanur

26.11.05: Meeting confreres at Adanur

26.11.05: Night, leaving to Kelambakkam

27.11.05: Meeting confreres at Kelambakkam

28.11.05: St. Thomas Mount, Meeting confreres

28.11.05: Leaving for Vizag


The preparation for the General Chapter 2007:


A small booklet titled, OUR PARTICIPATION, in the preparation for General Chapter 2007 is already in your hands. This is indeed a handbook in our preparation for the General chapter. The book, with its rich Scriptural basis, stressing our uniqueness as MSFS in the light of the teachings of St. Francis de Sales, our Patron and the vision of Fr. Peter Mary Mermier, our beloved Founder, enables us to discern God’s plans in today’s world and respond to them meaningfully and adequately. I recommend you all to discuss together in the Apostolic communities and send the report to the Regional Superior as mentioned in the book.


Relief Work:


FIDES India, in colloboration with the Region constructed four rest houses for the tsunami affected people at Kadiyapatnam village. On 18th Sep 2005, Rev. Fr. A. Lawrence, the Regional Superior celebrated a solemn Eucharist and blessed the houses. Rev. Fr. Jose Parapallil, Provincial, South-West Province inaugurated them in the presence of a few MSFS confreres, diocesan clergy and local people. On behalf of the Villagers, the parish priest thanked and extolled the works and the helps rendered by MSFS fathers. We gratefully acknowledge and thank Rev. Frs. Jose Parapallil, Mathew Kozhuppakalam, Shibu, Patric Jayaraj and all those who worked for this project.


Ministry in Germany:


      Rev. Fr. J. B.Thadeus has left for Germany on 5th Oct 2005 for pastoral ministry. We wish him a fruitful ministry.


Hearty Welcome:


     Rev. Fr. A. Santhiyagu is in India for holidays. Hearty welcome to him and wish him a pleasant stay.


New Addresses:


Rev. Fr. I. James Anandraj,

Kath. Pfarramt, St. Michel Kirchstrasse – 8

D – 54533 Oberkail, Germany,

Tel: 0049 – 6567537 (Office)

        0049 – 656793015 (Personal)

Fax: 0049 – 656793014


Rev. Fr. Arockiasamy Michael,

St. Peter’s Church,

Po. Box 116, East Keilor - 3033

Parkside Ave, Victoria,


Ph: 00613 93374141

Fax: 0061393310269

E-Mail :


Happy Birthday (October)             (November)


12/10   - Fr. X. Vincent                       05/11   - Fr. C. John Britto     

13/10   - Fr. A. Jeyaseelan (Jr)            13/11   - Fr. C. Sebastin Robert

23/10   - Fr. S. Christu Raj                  15/11   - Fr. S. Antony (Jr)

27/10   - Fr. A. Lawrence                    26/11   - Fr. A. Michael

28/10   - Fr. S. Amirthanathan                                                     


Let us pray for the Departed:


Rev. Fr. Francis Moget (Pune Province) died on 17th September at Belgaum. He was 85. He was a true fransalian, left an indelible mark. May God grant him eternal rest. All the priests are requested to celebrate one mass for the departed confrere.



Yours Fraternally,


Rev. Fr. A. Lawrence msfs

Regional Superior



St. Francis De Sales speaks:


“Be what God wants you to be and belong to Him totally. Do not try to be what you want to be contrary to God’s will. Even if you were the most excellent creature in the world, of what use would this be if we are not living according to the will of God.” (Salesian Spirituality: A source book, P.15)





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